all done


11 Years
Mar 16, 2008
hartford county ct
my coop is all done except we have to put the run together. but that will be done tomarrow. we are getting my chickens on saturday from a local free range farm. im so excite im getting four rirs. im so excited. should i keep my chickens in the coop for like 2 days with out goin into the run so they get to know there coop? and get used to it?
Congrats on the new coop and chickens and believe me Know how excited you are..We have just started my coop and I hope to have it finished by June 1st! I have already been talking chickens.--to anyone who will talk about them!!
BUT what I want to know is where are your pictures...You have to show us your new babies and their home..I have got to remember to learn how to post some pictures..Dixie

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