" All" Flock feed?

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    Jul 6, 2009
    Turns out one of our pullets is a roo.......so assuming we can get away with keeping this very handsome fellow, we were just informed we need to switch to an "All Flock" feed because layer is too high in calcium for roosters, and just make sure we provide oyster grit and crushed egg shells for the hens. Ok, we can do that......except, I am not finding any feeds I am happy about switching to. Our birds have been on Organic Scratch and Peck all their lives......pricey, but well worth it in my opinion for our very healthy and pampered small backyard flock. Plus I love being able to see and actually identify exactly what their eating, rather then looking at processed crumbles or pelleted food. Someone guided me to Nutrena, but its not organic, or non-GMO, which is important to me.....and literally no where online can I find a list of the ingredients in their feed. I can see the guaranteed analysis, but that's all. Its also about 1/4 the price of Scratch and Peck which makes me worry about the quality. I can understand people using this when they have a lot of birds to feed, otherwise they'd be paying an arm and a leg, or maybe they are not concerned about organic and non-GMO......but this is just a personal choice for us, for all our animals. I probably am coming off judgie......and really I don't mean to, this is just what I prefer for my own birds. Can anyone make some suggestions?
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    Look up the brand you prefer on Google; maybe they have what you are looking for, and it can be ordered at your feed store. Mary
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    Same problem--I'd like a protein level higher than 16% Layer, and there do not seem to be many options for Organic All Flock. I think what I've settled on is using Scratch and Peck Grower (17%) and offer oyster shell on the side when they start to lay.

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