all hatched and walking around PICTURES of both pg2 and pg3


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Dec 30, 2008
hollister, florida
well i bought eggs to go under my broody and today is day 20 on 10/07/09 and im down to 4 eggs starting with 9 my broody Casper she gets off once to do her business and eat. and then some go and lay and like laying in there and some eggs get broken but hopefully these 4 will hatch. there are 2 frizzle cochins and 2 mottled Cochins and i was wondering if its true what i have read that Cochins are early hatchers?
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Hi Hannah! Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you lost so many. Next time you might have to move the broody-girl so the other hens can't get to her nest.
Those do tend to hatch on Day 20 for me here.
Good luck!

ya i just have so many layers they just like pushing her off and laying in there and eggs get broken in the process. but hopefully everything goes well and i lost another egg i hope it wasnt hatching.
thanks 3 chickens i really hope these babies hatch casper is working hard and it would be sad if she didnt have babies in the end. shes a white leghorn so its very special
i know now its day 21 and as soon as it hits 6 am im going to the coop and looking under my broody. there will be pictures. and ive only had one cochin before im just excited that its hatching day.

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