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Everything I know, I have learned from this site. I appreciate everyone who has posted information for those of us out there that want in on all the fun - but have no idea what we're doing!
I have had my chickens and guineas for 2 weeks now(I am guessing they are in the 4-5 week old category as they are fully feathered and like to fly up and roost at the top of the box). While the guineas have tripled in size, the chickens have barely changed. I am feeding them chick starter and have them in a cardboard box with newspaper with a heat lamp(used at night). Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong and what kind of chicken I have? Guineas are in the coop and I will hopefully be able to introduce the chickens to the coop in the next 4-5 weeks but am concerned about the size difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated...I don't want to harm them or cause them discomfort due to my lack of knowledge.
from Alabama. Glad you joined us. Sounds like you're doing fine, except you might want to put them on something that's a little less slippery than newspaper. Congrats on your chicks & keets and good luck
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Chicks need a temp of 95 for the 1st week, then 5 degrees cooler every week after up to about 6 weeks. Keeping them at a cooler temp forces them to burn more energy to warm themselves, and can reduce growth rate. Unless the area they are in is very warm (80 degrees), they still need the heat lamp all the time. Good luck!
Hello and welcome! If you find out what breed that chick is, please let me know. It's gorgeous!

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