All of a sudden death??!!?!?!


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Apr 27, 2013
New Jersey
well my chicken all of a sudden died today I just found out like an hour ago I check on my chickens twice a day once to let them out and once to shut them back in and this morning I haven't noticed anything unusual but I don't really check in the coop in the mornings so I don't know how long shes been dead and I don't count them every morning.
if this helps when I saw her I took her out of the coop to examine her see what I can find and i saw she had a purple comb (don't know if its because the died) and she was missing a good chunk of feathers on her neck and I saw some bone it smelled weird too! but no blood can you help me figure it out I need some other opinions.
my dad just told me now at 2:00 today he went to go look for eggs with my little brother and they saw a chicken outside of the coop and they put it back in and it looked like it had no head he said but it was alive since he caught it and described the bird as looking weak and huddled in the corner of the outside of the coop.

Thanks for any thoughts im keeping an eye on my other chickens and tomorrow morning when I wake up im going to go inside and check on their poop to look for any other clues what it might have been.



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Aug 29, 2012
Sick birds don't sound like what you are describing,.

I think it sounds more like your chicken may have been attacked by something. Whether it got her in the coop and dragged her out or attacked her because she got out is the important question now. I would look very carefully around your coop for any signs something may have found a way in or how your chicken got out. If it got a chicken once it is likely to be back.

Sorry you lost your bird :-(
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