allergic to chicken eggs.. can she eat duck eggs.


5 Years
Jun 1, 2014
So I have a friend who is allergic to chicken eggs ..I've heard and she heard she might be able to eat duck eggs. She done quite a bit of research and ask if my feed is gluten free? Umm I really don't know. .. so that's where I need your help. . My ducks/chickens eat dumor layer crumbles, they get scratch, veggies likes peas.corn.carrots.g beans.etc and they free range from sun up to sun down (most of the time). Can anyone help is my feed gluten free?
Gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Oats and corn can be contaminated with it if it is processed or stored after the others.

Look at the ingredients and call the manufacturer.

I am gluten sensitive and I happily eat our ducks' eggs. They eat wheat as part of their diet. I am not saying she would not have troubles, just that I do not.
If she's allergic to chicken eggs, I doubt she can eat such eggs. There's no such thing as "gluten sensitivity", there's just Celiac's disease and the occasional, albeit rare allergy. But either way there is zero gluten in an egg, no matter what the bird eats.
There are folks who have posted here to state they are fine with duck eggs, not chicken eggs. And while articles have been written that say what Amykins asserts, there are other sources of information that have different conclusions
That's good to know about duck eggs. I am getting into raising ducks and am allergic to chickens eggs and wheat so this gives me hope.
My son is allergic to chicken eggs (along with corn, wheat, soy and brewer's yeast) and does just fine on ducks eggs (his allergist told us to try them, so we found a, we have our own because he really likes eggs!). Consequently, we feed our ducks corn, wheat and brewer's yeast...and no problems at all for my son.
That's so weird, but at the same time really cool! Well, I'll believe anecdotal evidence, I may have aced my science degree but biochem was always a sticky subject! :p Also now your username makes sense. Best of luck to you and your son!

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