Almost had a heart attack yesterday when my brakes stopped working!


15 Years
Sep 8, 2007
San Rafael, California
I just got my car back two days ago, spent over $900 on it. They worked on my brakes, struts, new battery, ect. So yesterday I'm driving my brothers friend home, and he lives in the high hills of Berkeley. It was one of the steepest hills I'd ever been on, and that's saying something considering where I live. I joke as we drive down the hill "hey, what a GREAT time to test my new brakes!" We all laugh, but the laughter soon dies when we smell something HORRIBLE starting to burn from my car. Much cursing and some pretend praying to god ensues as we cruise down the hill, the smell getting worst. We're approaching the end of the hill, where there's a stop sign and as the car infront of me brakes, I start slowling pumping the brakes to build up friction, my cars already in the lowest gear, and much to my 'joy' my car isnt slowing down very fast! I'm freaking putting all my weight onto the brake at this point, pulling up the E brake and stuff, and my foot is practically going through the car and my car SLOOOOOOWLY comes to a tentative halt just inches behind the other car!
My bro and his friends and I throw out a collective "PHEW"

So we drove home using pretty much my gears to slow us down whenever possible, to let my brakes cool down since they obviously over heated hecka bad. They were fine by the time I got home. So this morning I took my car back to the shop, and we're good friends with the guys that work there so I pull it on in, jump out, and of course accuse them of trying to kill me, lol. They look at my brakes and low and behold it looks like my back brakes weren't adjusted, they were pretty much doing NOTHING while my front brakes were working over time to stop my car! No wonder they over heated! They fixed my brakes for free and now here I am.

That is horrible. I am sure you did almost have a heart attack. I would think that they would have to fix the brakes for free. Glad you are okay.
Make sure the turned the rotors when they fixed it for the 2nd time.

When your brakes overheat, the metal of the rotor turns blue and changes the surface metals composition, making "hot spots" that are harder than the rest of the rotor.

If they did not turn the rotors make them redo the job again, otherwise you will have more problems from your brakes in the near future.

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