Almost rescued a duck today...


10 Years
Apr 18, 2009
Shamong, NJ
DS and I had to head out in the terrible weather today to take his snake to get fed as it wouldn't eat. It was snowing, winding and just awful out. Just up the road from us I saw a duck on the side of the road just laying in the snow. Can't believe I even saw it. I turned to DS and asked "Was that a duck?" He shrugged. I backed up and sure enough it was a duck. Looked to be a mixed breed possibly swedish/mallard. Anyway as he got closer she started swimming in the snow and he couldn't catch her. Since we had to get his snake taken care of we left her and thought we'd try again on our way home. Sure enough on our way home she was still there. This time we both tried to catch her. I just happened to have a box, a blanket and Cheerios in the Expedition. I threw her some Cheerios which she eagerly ate, but she kept eluding us, by quickly swimming away in the snow and hiding amongst the trees. My thought was if I could see her so well, so could any predator. We almost had her a couple of times when she went out into the road. Now I was afraid she'd get hit by a car. So I hurried to the other side of the road. This is when she quacked and flew away. Well at least I know she can get away from what she is afraid of. DS and I were soaked from the snow and bummed we couldn't catch her, but feel relieved to know she wasn't hurt like we suspected and seems able to take care of herself.
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well put Penturner @ helps ease the mind some

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