Aloha, elated for the journey ahead and these Silver Double Laced Barnies!


Jun 21, 2022
Aloha everyone,

This is the first flock of my own, but I have been around chickens almost my entire life. My brother raised them for many years. Anyway, I have 13 adorable chicks right now. 12 Silver Double Laced Barnevelders and one Black Copper Marans (a gift from the breeder).

My goals surround resource production, self sufficiency, and the bird's happiness. I'm on a multi generation/multi-family homestead in Hawaii. Other hobbies include cooking and collecting rare fruit trees. I've been composting home waste with BSFL for years- so I feel like there is untapped synergy there.

In addition to eggs and meat, I'd like to harvest manure, to compost and use as tree fertilizer. When it's time to cull, I'd also like to harvest blood, bone, and feather for processing into fertilizer. Save some feathers to make jewelry too.

I'm interested in growing as much of their diet as possible- one day. I want to get the whole system up and running smoothly before adding that to the equation.


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