Alpaca- accidental breeding


5 Years
Jul 10, 2014
About a month ago, we had a male alpaca break into the girls' pen. I spit test them today, and one of them seems to be pregnant. I don't want this baby; I do not have the time or resources to take care of another alpaca, and (my main concern) this was a mother-son breeding and I don't want to risk having a sickly cria. She hasn't been pregnant very long- a month at most. What options do I have?


Free Ranging
14 Years
Mar 19, 2009
If lutalyse will work on alpacas, get some. You have to get it from the vet. You give two shots but I forget how many days apart. Five or ten I think. It will cause her to slip the pregnancy. If alpacas have heat cycles like cows and goats, the lutalyse will bring her back into heat so be aware of that. If lutalyse won't work on alpacas, I'm sure the vet can give you something that will. Get it now. In cases like this, sooner is a lot better than later.

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