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    My husband and I are just getting into having chickens. Our intent right now is to have 3 or 4 hens for eggs. We'll see if it turns into more! We just built our chicken tractor this past weekend and need to do paint it this weekend. (You can see pictures on my other posting in coop run & design, " New Chicken Tractor... paint question.")

    We have been looking at the BYC website along with some others for a while now, but I just discovered the Forum yesterday. My husband has been the one doing all the chicken research and I was a bit more hesitant about it. Now I'm the one that can't peel myself away! He was laughing at me last night. Just wait til he gets on here too...

    Since I'm new to chickens, I'm interested in getting input on the best types of chickens for a novice. I love the look of silkies, but not sure if certain types should/shouldn't be together, maybe they're more difficult, etc. Any info is welcomed!

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    Welcome to BYC ! You're at the right place. You can check under BREEDS to give you some info. Have fun. [​IMG]
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    Another place you can look for info (to compare breeds) is here:

    course, it always helps to ask BYC members what they think about the breeds you've chosen once you narrow it down. They can give you pointers on potential problems and health or behavior issues that you may deal with given your selections.
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    The chicken coop

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    BYC is truly an addiction, of a great sort!

    [​IMG] and congrats on getting chickens! [​IMG]

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