Already Feathering?


5 Years
Aug 6, 2014
I have bought baby chicks to raise before. But this is my first time breeding, hatching, and raising right from my farm. These chicks had wing feathers at 2 and 3 days old. I never noticed this in the other batches I've purchased in the past. In fact if I remember right, it took a month to start seeing feathers. These are a week old, and they all have wings now and some have tail feathers. Is this normal? Or are they advancing due to cold weather changes? . Thanks for any info.
The start getting tail and wing feathers very quickly, in just a few days. Bet you are just paying more attention to these since you hatched them?
X2 with sunflour. I have some polish that I hatched a week ago and after three days you could see the wing feathers. Now at a week old they have full wing feathers. And tail feathers coming along nicely too. I think your chicks sound normal. Good luck with them :frow

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