Altercation Between Broody Hen and Toddler Results in Long-term Harmony


Crossing the Road
14 Years
Sep 19, 2009
Holts Summit, Missouri
I have a game hen that came off nest with come chicks I gave her a couple of days ago. My almost 2 year old daughter then tried to grab a chick which caused hen to flog daughter. Daughter ran back crying and hen hid with chicks under car. Two hours later daughter has a scratch on face but is also out playing very near hen with chicks without further issue. Daughter has learned not to go after chicks and hen does not press issue if not threatened. Daughter learned the same way I learned a few decades back by ancestor of same hen. This differs greatly from my slightly elder son that took floggings and kept after chicks until I intervened. Even he now gets along well but required more effort. Our reactions as parents were tempered so as children where not more traumatized by our actions. The children now have a concept of personal space even for the animals. This still does not control for destructive habits the little humans have when they have tools which much be addressed as they mature further. This stuff can still be a bit scary just like stair cases and traffic. Latter much more scary.
My parents let us learn quite a few lessons on our own - and I still remember many of them!
I typically supervise more closely so as to warn and explain what is going on. Two year olds tough to explain to. My son at same age and now (3.5) laughs when hens put it to my head as I lay prone on the ground checking on nest. Little squirt tells me I am not doing it right without saying just what. The hens leave him alone.

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