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    There has been a rift that has caused people from alternate realities to be brought to a town in the Midwest. They don't remember their original reality, their lives are here. But recently... Recently things have changed. Monsters, only seen as silhouettes, have been attacking the people. Most of the people have begun carrying concealed carries, knives, and other small weapons in their pockets, it's a dangerous town in the shadows.

    You can bring your characters from other roleplays onto this one, even if they're not originally from this site. I'll even let you bring in book characters. These characters don't remember that their from a different reality, but recently things have changed. Their getting glances of memories, instincts from their former selves if they were originally animals, and trying to use the extra limbs they once had. Slowly, they get bits and pieces of who they really are, when suddenly, at anytime, they get it back all of it. For some it is painful, for some it's shocking, and others... For others it's just sudden, and others can't even tell it's happened. It all depends on the person and situation.

    Once your character gets their memory back, they will find their things from the alternate reality laying around, and if they had extra limbs, they will slowly grow back, or sprout quickly and painfully, it all depends on your likening. If your character was originally an a animal, they will gain the power to change into that form. For now, try to keep all the characters human.

    Just think of all the fun things you can do, you are the puppeteer.

    1- PM me for permission for your character to get their full memory back.
    2- no using other peoples rp characters, because it will end up bothering me. It's because roleplayers have a deep understanding with their characters and such.
    3- If there is ANY smutt on here I will instantly boot you. Smutt is writing with any private parts mentioned in a "romantic" way. ((DO NOT LOOK IT UP))
    4- I don't care about romance, just follow the rule above.
    5- No extra limbs, even after they've remembered themselves.
    6- swearing is allowed just censor at least one letter.
    7- Monsters can only attack in alleyways, dark corners, and if out in the open, at night.
    8- ages can vary from original character
    9- your characters get all their powers and instincts back permanently after they get their full memory back.
    10- when fighting, keep it realistic if you're using a gun. Most pistols have six rounds so six shots, also, most people don't carry around extra clips, but I will allow you 1.

    NOTIFICATIONS ((check as regularly as possible.))


    Roleplay(s) from:
    Other Roleplay(s) Powers
    Other Roleplay bio(s):
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    (This shall be amazing...... 0.o) (Give me a sec for forms.)
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    So are you going to join?
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    *squeels with delight* sorry! I've never really made a Roleplay that got more than one response so fast! It's just really exiting! Thanks guys!
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    (Lol your welcome! Im about done with my yeah.)
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    Name:Kurayami Nakamura
    Roleplay(s) from:School of Fright
    Other Roleplay(s) Powers:puppet Mastery
    Other Roleplay bio(s):She was abused from the day she was born until she was 12 and was brought into the Child Protection Services when someone called the police about a noise compliant which ended up her dad beating her. She was sent from foster home to foster home until she was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Nanamura (they're Japanese) when she was 13. She loved her new home but had her ups and downs especially in school where she was bullied constantly for who knows what. Her adoptive parents always comforted her when she was upset (even though she never would admit it.) She always had a love for puppets though she never was able to get one in her old home. She got one when she was 14 she figured out she could control it. She began making her own puppets and has been making her own since then (she told her parents about her power). She had a few (ok a more than a few) outburst at school and at home occasionally. A few times the police had to be brought in to calm her down (which consisted of her being hand cuffed and being brought to the police station to wait for her adoptive parents.) On her last outburst (which had her controlling one of her 'larger' puppets and having it destroy her room for her) her parents had sent her to the school. But obviously she knows none of this....

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    Accepted! I like the charicter!
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