Alyssa's First Orpingtons! (Blue and Splash)


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Mar 16, 2013
And I thought I shared them ... but I snapped up a couple of orp pullets from Renie cuz I totallllllly fell in love with them and they ought to be heading my way soon ...

Here they are at 4 weeks (I saw her post for the splash and black orp pair and then found her FB page and liked it so saw when she posted about the BBS trio - I totally fell in immediate love with the blue pullet, no idea why, but it happens like that for me sometimes lol) and they were the pics that I first saw ... totally had to have that blue pullet! lol

Blue Orp @ 4 weeks:

Look at that sassy little girl! LOVE!

Then here is the blue pullet with the black roo and the splash pullet...

And then here is a better pics of the girls (4 weeks):

So yeah - totally fell absolutely in LOVE with that blue ....who wouldn't?? So I am quite excited that these girls will be a part of my little flock!!! :)
And I pestered poor Renie for a few more recent pics as I really wanted to see the splash pullet on her own as well and she sweetly provided me with a few!

So here the girls are at around 6 weeks:

And then one of the Splash Orp pullet in all her own glory at 6 weeks:

Is she not just simply gorgeous??? I mean just stunning!

And of course, my lovely little blue girl!

We are very excited with being so blessed at being able to have these girls laying for us! I think that we will adore having them on our lot and in our lives!
These ladies will be the best chicks you ever own...make sure to handle them regularly... we raised chicks from a local breeder last Spring, and my Splash(SPECKLES) and Blue(GRAYBEE) are the sweetest chickens... they love to be held and hand fed...good luck to you...
They will be staying overnight in the house for a few weeks at least most likely, and we both try to handle Trill every day - though as the weeks pass, it becomes less wanting to be handled ... but if it is a rooster like I suspect ... but then I imagine that is kind of normal as roosters go in general.

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