Am doing random chores randomly because theres no bad place to start.

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    Sep 5, 2014
    Have had weeks of fowl loss to predators and CAN'T complete clean up/repair of those issues because of severe mud and am trying to attack innumberable(is that even a word?) chores so started with shaving of severely matted foster persian cat and thats going terribly.Chickens are loose(wasn't the plan) because when I got up the extra cockerel had a new harem he had escaped with.I decide "whatever" and turned all chix loose to frolick.If a hawk etc shows up,whatever.At least its getting towards 50 with no rain today.Almost 70 tomorrow but have to be gone for several hours and CAN'T do anything then either. Rambling on here is my break so back to work!!!! Dang animals![​IMG]

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