am i a boy/girl frizzle or am i curly boy/girl ? is my bff a polish girl/boy?

thank you, that's what I am guessing.......these are just babies I rescued from a bin at atwoods a couple of weeks ago, didn't really know anything about either breed and have been trying to read up on them and started reading about the issues that curlies have...pretty sad and scary, I hope he isn't a curlie
Post new pictures? Did the comb grow a lot and turn a very deep red early on? If it did not get much bigger and redder for many weeks and it either is not really red right now, it could be a girl.

These were taken same day back in December.....keep in mind she/he isn't yellow she/he is white so the coloring in the photo isn't exact
What color eggs are you getting from them?

Only white means the polish is laying, and a mix of brown and white means the cochin is a hen. Do you have any closer up pictures of it from the side more?

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