Am I a sucker or a foster?


12 Years
Feb 4, 2007
British Columbia, Canada
The guy up the road told me he's getting some ducks next week. Khaki Campbells and/or Welsh Harlequins. I reminded him that he'd basically given me his duck cage because he wanted to build a new one and asked if he wanted it back. He said he wanted to build something more in keeping with his garden, but didn't know when he would have the time. Plus he hadn't made a fence around the area where he wants them to live.
I swear I didn't mean to say it, but out of my mouth, completely involuntarily came, "I'll foster them at my place if you need some more time!"

So now I have to put off moving my 9 week old chicks into the bigger cage.
That would be nice and not so nice at the same time!
Good luck!!
SUCKER! LOL, no I'm kidding. You voluntered, so you are a foster. Funny though! Just hope you have the will power to give them all back....
I would have done the same thing...only thing is when it's time to give them back will you be able to? on the flip side, he might let you keep some of them though.

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