Am I about to get my first egg?


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9 Years
Sep 26, 2010
I have five RIR hens, one being over a year old and was laying when I got her a few weeks back. The older hen is now moving straw around in nesting box, both adding and taking away, and appears to be sitting most of the day, but no egg. She is also gotten much bigger than she was a couple of weeks back, her featers are glossy, comb is nice and red, she is heavy. Is there another reason she might have put on so much bulk other than she has better care now than before? She is also started to peck at the other hens, were before she acted as if there were her best buddies. She is still tame with me, you can reach down and pick her up anytime, she acts as if she likes it.

Is this a sign she might be getting broody?

The other RIRs have taken notice of the nesting boxes, but nothing like the old hen.
Yes see sounds broody, but I'm no expert about broodies.

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