Am I crazy?


9 Years
Jul 20, 2010
Half Way, Missouri
I ordered 125 chicks yesterday from Cackle. I go to pick them up on the 24th of March! I can't wait. Tonight we starting working on the brooders. We had two already set up, but one is a smaller one, and we are turning a large 2-tiered shelf into a 2 level brooder. I think we will be able to make do with just the 3 brooders, but I like to have an extra one on hand. I ordered 25 Jumbo Cornish X straight run, (the rest are all pullets...) 25 New Hampshire reds, 25 Red Star Sex Links, 25 Black Sex links, and 25 Brown Leghorns (wanted some white eggs layers). Our plan is to freezer the cornish Xs and keep 25-30 pullets and sell the rest.

How much chick starter do you think we will need for 125? I was thinking about starting out with 100 lbs but don't know if we will need more than that. We will want to get the meaties on grower after 2 weeks from what I have read. My hubby is varmint proofing the old farrowing house to raise the chicks out in after they are out of the brooder. Our Chicken house isn't nearly big enough (8x12!) My other hens all free range and I have 30 hens and 1 rooster (as of today). Well I need to get breakfast cooked- it is almost 5am!
The first week your 100lbs will be fine-3rd week your going to go through alot of food and more as the weeks go on-once those meaties start to really eat its non stop. My 25 meaties went through 11 bags so 550 lbs of feed in 8 weeks...but you'll have 3 weeks ish to see your rate for feed needs ..the meaties get big real quick and will outgrow those brooders fast-thats a big order your getting but sounds exciting!!! good luck
yes I know it is a big order and I realized last night that I didn't plan too well seeing that I will be having 4 does that will be due to have their first litters of kits around that time. I will be a crazy mad woman! lol. But I am sure I can handle it.
funny how we can kick into survivor mode when our plans dont work out as well as we thought! You will do fine--LOL but you is gunna be a busy woman!!! haha Envy you with the 4 does--happy times:)

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