Am I doing something wrong?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by JiltdRoyalty, May 1, 2016.

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    I've tried giving my chickens treats, but their not interested. I've tried strawberries, yogurt, watermelon and cabbage with my two month old boys. Also tried yogurt and watermelon with my 3 week old girls. Not even a nibble
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    Yes, you are doing something wrong. You are not being patient. That’s a common problem on here.

    Chickens, including chicks, do not like change or something new. It can often take them a while to try something new, but they are adaptable. If they had a broody hen teaching them she would see that they try this stuff. But they don’t have that so one has to be brave enough to try it. Just keep offering them stuff. They will eventually try it, or they won’t.

    In spite of what you read on here not all chickens enjoy the same things. You read about how chickens just love cabbage. Some chickens go crazy over it. Not mine. Mine will eat it if there is not much of an alternative but they certainly don’t go batty over it.

    A few years back I gathered a yogurt cup full of corn ear worms when I was canning corn from my garden. I dumped those worms on a patch of clear ground near a bunch of 10 week old free ranging chicks. Those chicks very cautiously started moving toward that pile of worms. A worm wiggled! Run away! Run away!

    They did not run far and slowly started moving back in. A worm wiggled! Run away! Run away! This happened five or six times until a brave young cockerel got close enough and brave enough to snatch a worm. That’s all it took. That pile was gone in a few seconds. Chick TV is often better than anything on cable, satellite, or antenna.
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