Am I doing something wrong...


10 Years
May 15, 2009
Shenandoah Valley
to get attention for my posts? I have posted pics and post after post that gets hardly any attention. What is the deal?
It's not you, I promise. There are so many threads and posts going on not to mention the vasts amount of people here, sometimes threads get lost in the shuffle. Try using a catchy title, that helps! If it is a real emerengcy, make sure you state that so somone might help right away!
Everyone here is a valued member and I am sorry you felt neglected!
You mean the one about your roo and the one about the comb of your chickens?
Those are the only two I see no reply to.
You might wait til people get going in the morning. It has only been less than an hour since you posted.
Don't feel sad! I also kill threads! You know we can start something "keeping track of how many threads we kill. You want too? Everytime you kill a thread you get a point and at the end of the year we can post the #'s. Then we will have the "Tony Thread Killer Awards". The TTKA awards! How does that sound. We can begin today!
P.S. I am just figuring out the camera thing. So I never posted pictures so its not the picutres that did it.
Yes, I just posted those, but I have posted some in the past that have gotten hardly any response. I'm not upset, just wondering what I can do differently-maybe my titles are too blah-
the title generally helps. I posted one that looked like a controversial title, but then tried to give a little education instead of argument
Unfortunately after 20 pages it was locked, but it lasted for close to a whole day.

something that grabs the attention will draw people in... and of course 8am-9am seems busy on here, then dies off till noonish, then 3-4 is busy then 8-1 is busy (from the areas I frequent) so I pop in and out all day. I think you've just hit a slow spot.
Also, remember that if your post looks like it has been resolved, people may not reply. Even with having almost 2000 posts, I still have threads that don't get a lot of attention either. You are not alone, just look at how many threads are unanswered. Catchy titles and useing the search feature can be really helpful
start picking eye catching titles... even if you just want to ask people's opinions on the sex of your young chicks... post something like "Abandoned Infant Child Brought Up By Flock Of Chickens!!!" it'll work like a charm

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