Am I feeding to much?


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We have 3 mixed breed roos (1 banty) and 16 hens. I keep scratch feed mixed with some cracked corn and water available all the time. They are free range during the day and go back to their coops at night. Should I be feeding differently? The hens are laying fine and they are all nice and healthy.
You should be feeding them free choice layer feed 24/7 and scratch/cracked corn only as a treat. Scratch/cracked corn will keep them going for the first few years of their life but is determental to their long term health due to lack of vitamins and so on.
They should have a diet including about 15% protein.

If they are free-ranging, then they will get plenty of additional protein while out, and will appreciate the extra you are giving. They generally will not eat too much.

You might want to leave out the additional corn, there should be plenty in the scratch feed, so why make work

If they are healthy, happy and laying well, then you have it about right.

Keep a check on eggshell thickness. You should, in any event, give them a supply of calcium, although they are unlikely to need hard grit.
Sorry, I should have read what I typed before I hit post. They are getting laying mash with some scratch corn added in. About a 10 to 1 mixture. And the quality of land they are on is very good.
Then the only real issue is wastage, which will be minimised by good feeders.

It all sounds fine

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