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I noticed that my 20 week old pullet Smokey went into the coop under the manure board where it's dark. I took a picture but it doesn't show the turning around stuff she was doing. It was almost like she was trying to make a nest down there in the shavings - she kept moving the shavings around under her and picking certain pieces up. The other pullet Bandit stood around making weird clucks. Smokey at one point even had her butt up against the wall and her posture looked very similar to what my layer looks like when she pushes out an egg. I watched for awhile, but nothing happened.

Smokey has not laid an egg yet - however now I'm worried that she will not choose to go in the nest box to lay, but instead will lay in the corner of the coop. My only layer does go in the nest box to lay, but I've never seen any of the other pullets go in them - just Snow White and the rooster. I have pingpong balls in all 3 of the boxes. If Smokey does start laying down on the floor what can I do about it?

I don't think she's broody unless she can be broody at 20 weeks old without ever laying. She does go outside and today she's walking around the run with everyone else. Maybe it's just practicing for nesting?
I think she is practicing; a couple of mine are "practicing" at the moment too. Thankfully, mine are practicing in the nest boxes.

Alternatively, was she trying to find a spot to dust bath?
She's getting ready to lay; her instincts are telling her to find a nest.

I don't know of any way to train them not to lay on the floor. Mine preferred it, so I just put some nest boxes on the floor for them or picked up eggs from wherever they felt like laying.
Yes! You were right - she laid today!!!!! YEAH!!! That's her egg on the right - the green one
Oh and it was in the nest box! So no need to worry about Smokey any more


Here's her green egg on the left and the pingpong ball on the right

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