Am I Obsessed (Teehee)?


Barista Queen
11 Years
Mar 5, 2008
So I haven't even set my first batch of eggs in yet-I plan to at the end of the week. My husband is not impressed with my recent behaviors involving spending hours looking around here, at chicken breed sites, at new coops, ect. So to top it all off, the other day I actually started looking for a new house that we could have more chickens at! We can only have about 6 banty hens here, and currently have 4. He doesn't believe me that I'll only keep two out of the 18+ eggs I'm planning to incubate, and the 10+ chicks I pre-ordered. I can just keep 2-right? Oh geez-maybe I should skip the chicks!
You're not alone, I've been looking for other houses too with more land!
I want goats and lots more chickens! It will never happen, but I can daydream I guess...

Why only 6 bantams? Neighborhood rules or size of structure they're housed in?
Well both-my mom owned this home before us(and had chickens), so the chickens are kind of grandfathered in. There has been talk of prohibiting chickens all together in our town (stupid). Our neighbors don't seem to mind them though, so everything is ok here.
We do have a smallish coop set-up. I guess I should measure it and see just how many hens I can pack in there! Hubby can't argue with mathematics and science!!

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