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    My peeps are 5 days old, and their skills have expanded from being able to find their feeder and waterer on day 2 to all of them being proficient in "foraging" (scratching and pecking feed off the floor of their brooder, prefering to scratch it up than eat it out of the feeder) and all using the baby roosts to sleep on.
    My last 2 clutches were hatched by a Mamma hen, and I was able to see how quickly they learn in a real-world environment. This batch is being indoor brooded, so they are just coming to this knowledge on their own.
    Their innate ability to just "know" what to do is amazing. providing the tools (like teeny roosts) just speeds up the process.
    They just amaze me every day.
    Happy brooding!
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    Jul 14, 2014
    That was the first thing I noticed, too, while they were still wet out of the egg and 'flopping' around in the was already looking to establish a pecking order, I'd swear!
    It is fun to watch all those base instincts come out of such tiny beings!

    Love it...[​IMG]

    Immediately reminded me of a Roo stance!?? This was mid shot, but this little one stood 'straight' up like the boys like to do...Rutro!
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