Amazing Black Copper Maran Hatching eggs.

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    I just got 16 of the most amzing dark brown Black Copper Marans eggs. I got them from sandspoultry. They are right here on BYC. I was lucky enough to be close enought to pick them up from Steve and Sharon. The weather here is kinda bad but it was worth it to go and get these eggs. I bought them as a dozen and got 16. I aslo bought 6 Beltsville White tyrkey eggs and got 8. they are also really nice. All the eggs were very clean. Steve and Sharon do a great job with their flocks.
    I have hatched eggs from sandspoultry before and got really good results. Acording to my records it was 98%. They were BCM, Speckeled Sussex and Buff Orpingtons. It was noted in those records about how nice the eggs were and how clean. They do a consistante job with their birds. I can't wait for the chicks and pullets to hatch.
    I also got eggs from Laurie McCullen. She is from Hudson Falls, New York. I got Welsummer and Marans eggs from her. I bougt 6 and recieved 9.The largest Black Copper Marans egg was cracked due to a little rough handeling from the post office I susspect. The packing was really nice like most people do. The eggs are nice and the color is good. They are not as evenly colord as sandspoultry's eggs but a couple are dark as an 8 on the Marans color scale. sands had such and even 7 color to all their eggs. They just look really nice in a carton but even better in the incubator. The welsummer eggs were a nice color but I did not see the really nice spotson the eggs. They are all really large eggs from Laurie.
    Thanks to all who have sent eggs you got them to me quickly and they were well packaged. I have about 5 more shipments to come this week and I will let you know how things go. It has been rally wet here and it was really bad on the roads. I even got stuck in my own yard trying to leave and then again when i got home. Thank goodness that friends with 4 wheel drive. Later, Dave.

    P.S. I will post pictures of the eggs as they come in and when I put them in the incubators. This will be the start of my 2011 hatching season. Good hatching to all.

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    hope your hatch goes well! congrats
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    Quote:X2, thanks for sharing
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    You're lucky you can pick up your eggs locally. Here in So Cal no one has fertile eggs of any kind. I just ordered through E bay and won the bid. Delay'd shipping due to weather. Ordered BCMS. I can't wait.

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