Amazing Stuff!!! Pulvex veterinary ointment

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    One of my hens came down with somethng, not sure what. She had puffy, swollen, crusty looking eyes. There were sores all over her head, don't know if this was from her straching at her eyes or not. The only thing I had in the house was this Pulvex veterinary ointment so I rubbed her head down with that and flushed out her eyes with saline wash.

    On my way home from work I picked up some ointment for her eyes from TSC. I was expecting to find her all crusted up and oozing when I got home. I was surprised to find her looking 100% better. Both eyes were open and clear. Even the sores on her head looked smaller. I went ahead and used the ointment I got in her eyes and rubbed her head with the Pulvex again. This is great stuff! I've used it on a number of things rashes, cuts and such.
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    Nice! where did you buy it at??
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    Thanks for this thread, one of my pullets cut her face somehow and I the only thing I found laying around was some of the Pulvex Veterinary Ointment, searched quickly to make sure it was okay to use on her.

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