Ameracauna roo x hybrid layer

PTA Chicks

8 Years
Jan 15, 2012
KZN, South Africa
I've got 4 or 5 chicks hatched today from Ameracauna roo x with hybrid red layer. Are there any tricks to telling gender by colour with a cross like this? Purely for education reasons. They will all be grown,not killed as babies.

I also have 2 Ameracauna x Ameracauna. No idea which is which, my Ameracauna girl is black. The roo was reddish.
Wait and see is my usual approach. As an experiment and a maths lesson on probability and guessing,we are also testing out various other methods (scientific or not). Wing length, behaviour,shape of egg (we only used rounded ones), pendulum etc. My kids are keen :)
Proud mommy and her 6 babies. According to size of legs we might have 1 boy. According to wing feathers we might have 1 boy. We might be totally wrong on all counts! They're all very cute and happy and enjoying running around.


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