Ameraucana and /or Plymouth Rock chicks (pick-up only)

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  1. ~ PICK UP ONLY ~ Aiken, SC 29801
    Hatched 3/4/11
    10 Ameraucana chicks (black, blue, splash) --- $4.00 each
    10 Plymouth Rock chicks (barred, blue barred, black, blue) --- $4.00 each
    Or 20 chicks for $3.00 each.
    New chicks and ducklings hatching weekly!
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    What line are your Ameraucanas from? They are beautiful birds.[​IMG]
  3. Hi! Nobody you'd recognize, probably. I ordered what was supposed to be blue and black Ameraucana eggs in '06 and hatched all kinds of crazy colors --- very few actual blues or blacks. I've been working on 'cleaning them up' since then. I guess by now I'd have take the blame for them all by myself.

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