Ameraucana chick not integrating


7 Years
Mar 24, 2015
I currently have 4 been together since birth 6/8 week old pullets. 1 is a bantam and 1 may possibly be a roo. Talking with the woman at the feed store she said it would be easier to add to the flock now vs later. And they had some pullets the same age. We ended up with a buff Orpington and an ameracauna. I guess My daughter wanted a Rhode island red but couldn’t say anything to the cute Feed store boy with his muscles when he held up the other bird 😂. Long story short this bird is so scared I don’t know what to do. It is so attached to her buff Orpington friend from the feed store. She screams everytime the other girls from the original flock come near. Runs hides under the buff Orpington. Will lean on her until they go off on their own in a little twosome. My original birds have no problem with the Orpington. They eat with her, invite her to forage my yard with them, lay down with her to siesta. But this little anericauna is seriously freaked out. She keeps screaming and leaning and running away then calling for the Orpington. It’s making it hard for the girls to be a flock. It’s to the point where she wasn’t getting picked on to now she is. The louder she gets and more she runs they seem to really dislike her. It’s been a couple of weeks and they’re still segregated. I’m not sure if I should just be patient or if I should rehome this little bird. I don’t want her to be so frightened all the time. Trilling and running and screaming. Ducking and hiding. I don’t think It’s happy for her. Any advice on what to do?


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Sorry to hear this about the newbe. A younger chicken or with ‘other’ looks is often bullied by the older flock.
I had a problem comparable with yours, not as bad though and only if they started roosting for the night. It took a very long time before she was excepted to roost with the others (1½ years). I think because flock dynamics changed after my oldest bossy chicken vanished.

I think it might help if you can buy another similar breed/age chicken. But rehoming her is probably the easiest way out.

If you like to keep her, make sure she has enough opportunities to find shelter. Where she can feel safe. Can you let the chickens free range?

My Janice had the opportunity to sleep in another coop with nest-boxes away from the others. She felt safe there. After a couple of months she started to roost in this small coop. The other chickens had another coop where she was not welcome. But during the day , with lots of space, there were no problems.
This is horrible! Who knew chickens were so b!$@&y!!! They free range during the day. There’s lots of bushes, and her favorite is to go into the doghouse until 2 days ago where the other girls took it over. Mostly they are In two groups. My original 4 and the new 2. It’s kinda hilarious cause they try and steal the buff Orpington. But in the end I feel so bad for this little amerucauna girl. I’m new to chickens. I used to do quail years ago. ( they were so easy) And then I’ve had nothing for like 5 years. My sons kindergarten class hatched some chicks and he talked us into bringing them home. I’ve been reading threads about older chickens doing this to younger ones. But these guys are the same age. my friend who took the other half of the classroom chicks got a couple of hens the same age and they all get along fabulously. I guess finding her a home might be the kindest thing I could do for her. I mean she’s scared to death majority of the time. This morning during feeding time she got to the food first started munching. Saw the other girls coming shrieked, ran around hid under the Orpington and started trilling while the Orpington continued to eat with the other girls. Then she started leaning hard on the Orpington trilling and pushing until she got her to run with her into the bushes. Like I said I’m new to chickens. Is this normal? No one did anything. It’s like she anticipates the worst before anything happens. Then the other girls get tired of her and start harassing her to shut her up. This morning they all stopped eating and looked at her while she was being all dramatic running away into the bushes. Then they banded up and went on the other side of the yardAfter first trying to get the Orpington to follow them followed by more screams and panicked peeping. I’m sorry I feel like I’m ranting. But I really don’t know what to do or to deal with this.
Poor little girl! I have no advice as I’m new to this. I have 18 myself and a few Ameraucanas. They get along really well. I’m kinda nervous about adding to this flock but I’m more than likely going to next year.

I hope something works out!
It helps to give feed and water in seperate places. And if she is smaller , can you can block the entrance to the dog house for the bigger chickens with a small entrance for the Ameracauna ?

What crossed my mind. Are you sure the Ameracauna is as old as the others? Sellers are often untruthful to sell more. Maybe she (and her mate) will do well in a flock with younger chickens.
That did cross our mind. I said these girls are a lot smaller and less feathered than ours. They didn’t look as healthy as ours did either. I’m very sad but I have a feeling I’m going to have to let it go. And as a pair. It is so bonded to that Orpington and it’s freaking scared of everything/ everyone. Me included. Do you think if I blocked off an area and put it with one of my gentler 8 week olds for a few days to see if I can get her to bond with a different member of the flock it might help her integrate a bit better? Or is that a really bad idea
They definitely picked on her before she started acting stressed, you just didn't see it. Her behavior is a symptom.
I would Not separate her from the Orpington, forcing it won't help anything. I would create a separate pen in or next to the main space with both protection and outside access, and keep both the Orpington and Ameraucana separate from the flock until they are a little older. They both look a bit small to me for big chick life and they are getting themselves stuck in some weird areas from that second pic.
These are my original terrorists. They were hatched the week of may 16.


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These are the new girls. The feed store said they had the same hatch date. They had moved them to an outside pen with lots of girls. I wonder if it was just too much in too short a time. And this little white bird is traumatized. Seems like I just need to be more patient. And give more space from the older girls. Thank you everyone.


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