Ameraucana Color Question


11 Years
Oct 1, 2008
North Carolina
Black and blue are accepted colors in the Ameraucana Standard, but there is no splash. Why not? Does blue X blue not result in a percentage of splash like in other breeds? Or is it that splash can be produced, but it is just not a recognized color?
There are a few people out there breeding for splash. It works just the same. You just can't show the splashes, so most people just breed blues to blacks and vice versa.

I think like any new color it would take a concerted effort by a small group to get them recognized. Seems a bit silly as they're really just a part of the blue group...
That is interesting. I wonder if it is because there is such a wide variation of splash appearance, whereas black and blue are more uniform.

So... I guess that means that most people only keep black roosters so that they can keep black and blue hens. What becomes of the blue roosters? Maybe they go live in mixed flocks and make baby easter eggers?

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