Ameraucanas from Meyer Hatchery?


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Has anyone ordered Ameraucanas from Meyer in the past? I was curious what color eggs they produce.. In the egg photo in the catalog, one of the eggs looks white..
Also, what color are the hens primarily? Past Ameraucanas (from 2 other hatcheries) seemed to be mostly medium browns.. hoping for something different, but mostly interested in the egg color..
Hi, no hatchery sells Ameraucanas. They sell a mixed breed that does not meet the APA standard of the Ameraucana. They are called Easter Eggers by many. The hatchery birds will lay a blue/green egg, or white, brown, pink and other colors. So there is no guarantee of what you will get.

Do a search of Ameraucana and EE and you will be able to read a great deal about this subject.

I have true Ameraucanas from breeders that lay beautiful blue eggs. I also have EEs that I adore and value, most of whom lay a blue/green egg. So I would order hatchery EEs, but just be aware they are not consistent in color either in feathers or eggs.

I also ordered 2 EE's from Meyers, they should be here on tuesday along with some other my local feed store they are getting chicks in tomorrow from mt healthy and i thought i would go in and buy 2 more EE's to better my chances of colorful eggs. I also seen a post somewhere on here a couple of days ago where they had purchased their EE's from Meyers and had very pretty egg color. Sure does make it more exciting doesnt it!
I have 2 EE's I got from Meyer's last year, one lays a pretty green egg and the other lays a light blue egg. I'm very pleased with both of them; they are nice hens; have good friendly personalities & lend some nice colors to the egg basket!
Thanks for the replies.. It's good to know there's a good chance of some blues/greens.. My order is in.. but since my schedule is so hectic right now, I delayed the order until early May.. so I have to wait awhile..
I had EEs from McMurray and Cackle in the past.. All layed blues and greens. The Cackle ones were my first- a friend gave them to me and they have remained one of my favorites for egg color and production as well as their own appearance and size... I had a Cochin that was the sweetest thing but she was huge and didn't lay as many eggs.
ii believe i read that ameracaunas/araucan as were bred from ee's, not the other way around, i have noticed the white ee.s are lighter in weight and lay blue eggs versus the dark ones. so when i pick out ee,s, i pick out the white ones. just an observation and may not be true all the time, but for me it has been
I dont know about the color of eggs yet but here are a couple of my 7 week old girls from meyers.

The arucana showed up in her. Just love her.

No muted browns from meyers:)

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ging3rhoffman, those are pretty chicks.. The one that looks like an araucana is so cool! I won't get to find out about the egg color after all because we decided to cancel the order.. We're getting pure Ameraucana eggs to hatch from a local breeder and decided that we're not ready for that many chicks at once and in two different age groups..

I did just get a gorgeous blue hatchery ameraucana/EE from a friend.. She is the prettiest chicken I've ever had.. She came from Estes in Springfield, MO.

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