Amercuana and EE Bantams


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Jan 12, 2007
Land of Lincoln
I got several Amercuana and EE Bantams in one flock....all must go! I believe there are one blue, one white, one ginger buff penciled and their offsprings. At least three pullets that I know of. Came from Blehm and Gilbert lines. These are purebred Amercuanas but mixed colors. No EE bantams from other stock or hatcheries have been used for breeding. I had only one white roo with all assorted colors of Amercuana bantam pullets so you will get all kinds of colors including blacks.

$40.00 for ALL

Pick up only at Wateska, IL.
if only you were closer
I wish I can ship them but alas, her post office does not want to deal with shipping birds. It would be too cost prohibitive to ship all seven birds with youngsters all nearly adult size.

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