Amerecana Combs


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8 Years
Jul 30, 2011
This spring we bought from the feed store 6 Amerecana Chicks that were 1 to 2 weeks old (along with 6 BRs). After I discovered this site and started reading the posts here, I began to think they are really EEs. I was more convinced as they grew older and one chick did not have the ear muffs and beard. Decided to wait until we saw the color of their eggs. They are now 22-23 weeks. We got our first GREEN egg last week. Not sure who laid it though. Today I was out admiring them and noticed that several of their "pea" sized combs have grown. It used to be that you could hardly see the combs. Now some are close yo 1/2 inch and sorta fat. Is this normal? Is this a sign of maturing? I know the Rocks combs and wattles grew bigger before they began to lay. I am hoping to get more of those beautiful eggs. Green is as pretty as blue and they all taste the same?

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