American Gamefowl

Wyorp Rock

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Sep 20, 2015
Southern N.C. Mountains
Where were the other chicks and hen during that picture? Close by I’m guessing?
@Wyorp Rock has the hen warmed up to you any since she’s had her chicks out and about?
Chicks were standing on my feet (they had scratch too), hen was right by me too.
Yes, she's warmed up, I don't think she will ever be a cuddlebug :p but I adore her nonetheless LOL Of course this is the first hen I've had with chicks, but I love watching her, I think she's a good Mama. I *think* the one that rides on her back is the same one that gets in the feed cup - it's probably stuffed with bugs :lol:




Mar 14, 2020
West Virginia
Nice! Do you have a favorite yet?
I really like the one with the yellow band he’s shown more gameness than the others but the dark colored one with the red band is real close behind it. Hard for me to really pick a favorite yet though as I’m sure they’ll complete change in months to come All three of the stags are pretty good natured and all three go at it.

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