Americana with drainage and swollen eyes-please help

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    My SIL called me frantic Saturday letting me know one of their Americana's eyes were sealed shut. I came over to help her, we got some warm water and soaked her eyes and the dried discharge started coming off, once we cleaned her up she opened her eyes a bit but then would close them again. Her eyes themselves are clear but there is a cloudy wet discharge coming from them. She also has discharge coming from her nose. It seems like the poor girl has a really bad cold but she isnt sneezing, no wheezing either.

    Here is a photo from last night after we cleaned her eyes again. I personally havent ever seen this with one of my hens.

    She is approx 8 months old, she is pooping but only eating or drinking with assistance.

    I would love to save this sweet girl. Any help would be SO appreciated. She is inside, I had them put a small watt heat lamp on her to keep her warm. We did get her to eat some yogurt last night with help.

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    It could be MG or coryza, which are respiratory diseases. Some of the other ones are also possible, but they can be complicated by secondary infections. Has your SIL added any new birds into her flock lately, even other fowl? Be careful going around her birds then your birds because these diseases can make carriers of whole flocks for life. Wear a pair of shoes into your coop that you don't wear into hers. Tylan 50 injectable would be good to start with if she is going to treat her, and not cull her. If she smells bad, she could have coryza, and Sulfadimethoxine or Sulmet would be a better antibiotic to use. Clean the eyes with saline, and apply some Terramycin or plain neosporin/triple antibiotic to the eyes. Fortunately, MG and coryza germs only live a few days in the environment. Here is a good link about respiratory diseases and another on MG:

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