Americauna or Welsummer chicks-- HELP! (lots of pics)


7 Years
Nov 11, 2012
Fayetteville, NC
My order of day old chicks just arrived.
I had to order 20 to make the minimum, but I'm only keeping 6.
I pre-sold the other 14 on craigslist.

My order (all sexed pullets) consists of 3 cuckoo marans, 3 welsummers, and the other 14 are all americaunas (and all look different!).

I could tell the marans right away because they look just like my barred rocks (black with the white on the top of the head). I can tell some of the americaunas (I think) because they are a plain bluish gray, or a bluish gray pattern, and the real light with the dark brown markings).

However, some of the welsummers and americaunas look REALLY similar. I even google imaged pictures of welsummer chicks vs americauna chicks and some of the EXACT SAME images are shown under both.

I'm only keeping 2 of each type so I REALLY want to be right. Anyone have suggestions on telling the the welsummers from the americaunas? All the ones I'm confused on have the "eyeliner" look and a triangular dark brown spot on the head and the darker color stripe type thing on the back.

Anyone know a secret for telling for sure (other than keeping them until they're older as they were promised for pickup tomorrow....)

These all look alike to me....

The 3 black ones are the marans, and the other 3 are the only other 3 that look different from the rest, but I REALLY don't think they could be the welsummers, I've never seen welsummers that color.....

This is all of them together..... 3 are cuckoo marans, 3 are welsummers, and 14 are americaunas

If you want individual pics of certain chicks to help, please let me know and I will take some. I called the hatchery and they told me they couldn't tell me without seeing them in person, but it's definitely 3, 3 &14. In the past, hatcheries made a point of sending chicks that you could easily tell the difference (ie choose americaunas for the shipment that didn't look so close to the welsummers...)
Sometimes the hatcherys get mixed up, so you might have gotten an extra Welsummer, and one less EE, do they all have the same color legs? The EE's might have more of a greenish tint to their legs, you could have gotten an EE that will have a clean face. EE's should also have a pea comb, and I think Welsummers have a single comb.
They all have the same color legs (even the others I knew of), but the combs I think finalized it!
The 3 marans you can see little peaks on the comb and the welsummers you can see them, and 13 of the others are flat.
I think they did give an extra welsummer and short an americauna.
The puffy cheeks and combs let me finally narrow it to the four.


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