amount of feed for each stage?

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Im trying to work out what the cost of a new chicken adventure would be. I don't know how many I would have or what kinds (other than layers). I'm looking for general amounts that they should have ie pounds per chicken per day for starter then grower then layer.

    My wife is not willing to just let me run wild with the checkbook (she knows better) so I need to submit a plan for approval first. So any help with these numbers would be great
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    Nelstone, you need to see the chart that Ed (Intheswamp) worked up just a couple of days ago.

    You may want to ignore the first chart - unless you are thinking of fairly light-weight birds and go with the "160% of feed requirements of Leghorn-type." Or, you may want to go with the Leghorn info - there's a link on the thread.

    I'll think you will find some good answers on costs.

    Amount of feed for chicks? ...juvies? ...layers?

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