An Araucana Bantam Or Just A Mix....


10 Years
Jan 1, 2010
Summerfield NC
I picked up this cute little hen plus a bantam RIR rooster. Do araucanas even come in bantam size? Also, any idea what color she might be? In other words, what is she (other than a chicken)? Thanks!

the world's largest button quail?

are you going to look into getting her a chicken-butt transplant?
(please don't tell her i asked - i don't want to give her a complex.)

or, i suppose, you could get her some of those padded chicken underwear that are so popular among pullets these days . . .
She does appear to be rumpless. And yes they do come in bantam size. She could very well be a pure. Not sure on her color though. Very pretty.
From what I can gather, rumplessness is dominant (but don't use me for an example).

If what I've read is true, then I would consider her a mix.

If she is purebred of a crossed color variety, she is not a standard color and I would not use her as breeding stock.

Chicken fanny panties is just what she needs!!!
That IS a real Araucana, yes.

Araucanas should have green legs, but sometimes do have yellow. You're thinking of Ameraucanas.
Yes, she is an Araucana. They are rumpless but some may have a few tail feathers (that would disqualify them at a show). They should also have tuffs. I don't see any on her. We have the standard BBR Aracauna. We had 7 hatch this year and 2 have come have double tuffs, 3 have no tuffs at all (they would be disqualified at a show but would be okay for breeding to a double tuffed) and 2 with one tuff on one side. This is a difficult breed to hatch as it carries a lethel gene and you do not always get rumpless and tuffs. All of our chicks are rumpless. Your chicken looks like her color may be Black Breasted Red which is what ours our.

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