An egg after not laying for 3+ months?

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10 Years
Jun 11, 2009
I adopted two 1 yr old, egg laying Ameracaunas from an acquaintance back in June. Only one (Miss Kitty) has ever laid an egg for me--an beautiful greenish blue egg very regularly. I heard that the other one (Gert) had laid a brown egg regularly at her old house but she never laid one here. I figured she would eventually lay one, or she had retired herself to just look pretty and poop in my yard. Well, over three months later, I found a brown egg in my laying box this morning! I saw her in there too! I made a joke out the window to her, "that's it girl! Try to remember the urge!" And Miss Kitty was squawking at her for being in "her" laying box.

Just to be sure: DOES THE EGG COLOR EVER CHANGE? I thought not, but I want to be sure before I get excited that Gert may be laying again.

Lastly, my dumb question: Is this egg alright to eat or should I throw out this first one just to be sure? It is a little misshapen, like it was stuck in there funny.

Thanks for any replies! I am so excited!
Well hi, and congratulations are in order for Miss Gert.

Egg color doesn't normally change, she may have just had some adjusting to do. I usually toss the first egg or two after a hiatus, just because??
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