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    Hi everyone,

    Have any of you guys ever had a hen lay an egg in your hand? I managed it once. When one of my hens settled down to lay, I sneaked my hand into the box real quietly. After a couple of minutes, she stood up - and laid the egg right there in my hand. They all stand up at the moment of laying, I am told, and of course the egg comes out wet, soft and warm! Go on - try it sometime, it's an experience to remember.

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    Jun 28, 2011
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    My hens liked to all lay in the same 4 nest boxes and I had a lot of hens, so I went frequently collected eggs and often found a hen busy in the box when I did. I sometimes put my hand under a hen at exactly the wrong moment and got a fresh laid egg and a slightly embarrassed hen [​IMG] I stopped for awhile when I once nearly took the egg from a hen's vent! It was half out when I felt it and when I investigated and felt the vent area I quite horrified!

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