An EGGcellant Batch Of Eggs <3

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    Please feel free to message me instead of purchasing!

    What I have (0-3 days old):
    *Light Sussex:We got these from three different sources - Bradshaw, Grisham & Presley. May include dinger, but we had eggs of Presley & dinger mixed together. $15 a dozen.

    *French Black Copper Marans: feather-legged, nice feathered shanks & coppering, large dark brown eggs. They have been replenished yearly to keep the bloodline clean - we've hatched out a heck of a lot more hens than roosters - lines include Jeane, davis, Presley & a couple other places. $15 a dozen.

    *Cuckoo Marans - English, clean-legged; tehse are non-hatchery, just came from two breeders we got out French Black Copper Marans from awhile back - $12 a dozen

    *Mixed Lot - this is what is included, Pure & Mixed Silkies (Blue, Splash & White) - may be mixed with Lakenvelder, Rhode Island Red Bantam/Red Jungle Fowl X Cuckoo Marans, Blue Laced Red Wyandottes, Buff Orpington X French Black Copper Marans & Welsummers X Silkies OR Lakenvelder (in two weeks, the Welsummers will be crossed with the Light Sussex for a larger bird that lays more often & have darker eggs & are larger in size). We have Olde English Game Bantams X Silkies OR Lakenvelder - $10 a dozen.

    The Old Eggs Lot - these are over 4 days old up to 1 1/2 weeks old; people still get at least 50% hatch rate on these & this will include my higher end bird eggs as well. I myself typically get 50-75% hatch rates. They include everything lived above in breeds; please feel free to let me know if you want a certain type of "breed" & I willl work around you. $10 a dozen. I had a lady who tried these twice & got 75% hatch rate on both, another lady got just under 50% hatch rate.

    The "dirty eggs" Lot - these will include eggs with just spots of dirt on them to eggs I have cleaned myself because they were so utterly dirty - they will be cleaned & santized. These will include eggs that are fresh, just dirty. I still get at least 75% when I hatch them myself, sometimes up to 75%. $10 a dozen.

    Shipping is $15 for 1 dozen eggs or less, $18 for 1 1/2 dozen eggs or more - just enough to pay for the flat rate & bubble wrap.

    When purchasing, please feel free to message me through BYC and I will respond. Let me know what kind of eggs you want & how many & when you want your eggs shipped out. Payment can be made through PayPal @ [email protected] OR a Postal Money Order will be accepted. If you want to send a check, I will accept, but will only ship upon approval of transaction.

    If you want photos, please email me at [email protected] - send me a message on here too [​IMG] Thanks!


    Feed & Care: Birds are fed dumor, with fresh clean water, fruits & veggies (grapes, oranges, apples, greens, berries, etc.) and are free ranged half the week with our supervision. We have at least 2 roosters per 6 hens. Birds are illness & mite free <3 Loved, spoiled rotten and doing what chickens do best... doing chicken things!

    Egg Handling: Eggs are no older than 3 days old unless they are the "leftover egg OR dirty egg sales" They are kept in a cool, dark place, turned 2-3 times daily & I wash hands before handling them. They can be washed & sanitized BUT ONLY if you state - I still get 50%+++ hatch rate on these.

    Egg Packaging & Shipping: each egg is individually wrapped in newspaper, bubble wrapped, placed in an egg carton, taped, wrapped in bubble wrapped, placed in a lined box & shipped out with delivery confirmation. Most eggs will ship out ASAP when I can unless otherwise worked out. I will message you to let you know when I'm shipping these out. If you leave a number, I may text/call you to let you know when they head out.

    Extras: I always send out extras as well as some mixed eggs for free just for fun [​IMG]

    If eggs are lost OR utterly destroyed (someone ran over our box of eggs once with their van), please take photos & send them to me - You must pay for shipping & I'd be more than happy to replace.

    Most people get at least 50% hatching percentage from our eggs, with 50% of people getting 75%-100% hatch rate; if you don't, I will typically give you a $5 discount off your next batch of eggs! (This only applies to my newer eggs). HOWEVER, please keep in mind, I have sold eggs in my "leftover egg/dirty egg sales" and still get 25-50% hatch rate, with some getting as high as 75%. I am there to help you all the way, email me (NOT the paypal account address) @ [email protected] & I'll help ya out throughout the entire hatch and beyond! Leave a number & I would be more than happy to give you a call up [​IMG]
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    will the "dirty" eggs look clean but they have been washed, am I correct?

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