~An Endless chase~ A role play of Butterfly and Donut

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    One Butterfly and one donut on an endless journey.
    ( play along if you like)

    There alone stands 2 characters. A determined Butterfly, and annoyed but resilient Donut. The butterfly had been stepping on the donut for too long, it was time to act. Donut grabbed his Clorox bleach and headed out the door, he walked across the parking lot proud. Little did he know he was being followed.
    Sprinkles, the butterfly had followed him.

    But will Donut get away?
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    Now we can stop posting on each other's profiles, XD!
  4. Yeah! :D
  5. vachick15

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    Sprinkles chases the Donut and tries stepping on it's head.
  6. ITS READY!!!!

    Donut finished bagging his groceries and bolted out the door with his jetpack and groceries
  7. Donut falls on ground
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    This might even be more crazy than *looks around* Flight of the Burritos :oops:
  9. *GASP* [​IMG]
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    Sprinkles proceeds to stand on Donut's head.

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