An exciting day... a small snake had the misfortune to slither in

Must admit, I wanted to rescue the little one. This from the woman gleefully raising some meats
I almost threw up the first day I saw them go after a frog. I've gotten much more used to their carnivorous ways now. I did feel bad for the little snake, but it did slither right into the run (after being pecked out through the fence when it was outside the run). It was dead when I started videotaping.
Why was there a chicken outside the run? That's not fair!

I loved it, though. The NN roo was looked so out of place.
I have 5 naked necked hens that go with him. And the chickens outside the run fly over and free range all day. They cared not what the penned ones had as they had eaten all the tomatoes this year.

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