An hour in the sun

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    It was a good day to clean out the coop and M.A.S.H. tent. The first out in the sun were the injured girls. Cleaning their tent doesn't take to long so I got to sit outside and guard them while they stretched their legs. They are still real scittish and didn't wander to far from me, but they did enjoy rubbing it in to the rest of the flock that they got to go out first!

    After about a half an hour I put the invalids back in their tent and then let the rest of the flock out while I gave their coop a good cleaning! The girls didn't wander too far and when I was done cleaning I enjoyed sitting out in the sun watching them fight over worms and thoroughly destroying the raked up piles of leaves! Even more humorous was watching my oldest cat Deigo play the part of hawk detector and chicken shepard! Anytime the girls did start wandering off, I'd hear him start meowing and sure enough he had the girls between us and he was "sheparding" them towards me! Here are some random pictures taken with my phone this afternoon!
    caption: I don't usually play hawk guard, but when I do it's from the sunny spot on the M.A.S.H, tent!
    Hey Mom! Nice phone...can I eat it?
    Finally! A good picture of Gertrude, the leader of the flock! I love the pattern of her back feathers!
    Whew! Got them all back in the run! This sheparding is hard work...time for a nap!
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    So cute! [​IMG] You've got a good shepherding cat there! Thanks for sharing. [​IMG]
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