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Jul 15, 2016
Traverse City, MI
Is there such a thing as a chart that compares chicken breeds to the US agriculture "tree maps"? It seems like there should many similarities between tree species and chicken breeds, at least from a climate tolerance standpoint.

I'm sure many breeds will perform well anywhere, and with proper care any breed can do fine anywhere, but I was wondering if (for an interesting read) there was anything that says in "zone 4" these do well and in "zone 7" these do well.

Here's the Arbor Day map I'm referring to for reference



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May 19, 2009
Not that I know of. There is Henderson's breed Chart which states if the breeds are cold hardy or not. So much depends on how the birds are housed. If you ask on any of the breed specific threads, they will usually tell you how their breed is fareing in different parts of the country. Basically, the smaller the comb and wattles, the colder clime the breed does well in. But that can be mitigated by using a Woods Open Air coop in colder climes for birds with larger combs and wattles ,I think. It just mostly depends on if you heat your coop or use a Woods coop in the colder season, I think.
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