An update on Steven, and some new pics, and a prayer request


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Well, Steven didn't start at New Mexico Military like he was supposed to in January, he backed out at the very last moment. He has been in an odd relationship for a few months that has really messed with his head. He had a lot more invested than the other person and it's caused some bad choices on his part. Nothing that he can't get through but it's changed his outlook so much I do worry about him. He is still in the Reserves and has been doing very well except that he started smoking and it's affected his running ability, that and he isn't going out to run like he used to, he failed his PT test, which puts his promotion in danger, and also endangers his chance of making a career like he wants, he could be discharged for too many failures. My son needs a lot of prayers right now. We've had some really tough times lately to deal with, what with losing two close friends in two weeks in February, and other emotional baggage. He had some pictures taken so I thought I'd show off a few of them!


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It is absolutely killing me!!!!! He has worked so hard, and I never would have seen this coming, and I would have said no way on God's Green Earth would he lose mind like this. He has to figure it out for himself, and my biggest fear is that he will do that too late. I'm so proud of him, no matter what, but I'm also so afraid for him.
I hope your deep concern for his well bing will make him take a step back and realize what is really going on, and that this is his life and his future you're talking about! You both are in my prayers
Give him a hug and remind him of everything he has accomplished - let that motherly encouragement take into effect! It'll sink in and he'll come around to everything again

p.s. - thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures!
Thank you so much! He doesn't see my concern as motherly, he sees at as bugging and nagging of course, no matter how nice I try and be. I ask a simple question such as "Did you run today?" And he bites my head off!
You have a very handsome son,i have 2 sons and worried about them growing up,Praise the Lord they r both great,and have wonderful spouses and children.I will pray for him as i do my own.
Thank I appreciate that very much. My son has always been the most wonderful son anyone could have, I've been very lucky and very blessed. It's just the past year that we started really having some issues to work through so I guess I've been pretty lucky.

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