And Duk Duk wins!!

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    Our drake Duk Duk shares a pond (large rubbermaid storage box) with two geese. When they were small all three could easily swim around in it together but now only two of them can be in it together comfortably. So today we cleaned it out and removed all the ice, etc ... and for a treat we filled it with warm water for them. Well all three of them raced to get in first but our gander managed to beat the other two, then as our goose was climbing in Duk Duk slid in underneath her head first and proceeded to splash around so much that he ran off both geese and had the pond to himself where he selfishly stayed for almost an hour, splashing wildly any time the geese came near. [​IMG] We thought it was pretty funny that the little duck beat out both of the geese who are much bigger than he is.
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    Quote:Hooray for DukDuk!!

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    Quote:Hooray for DukDuk!!

    X2 [​IMG]
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    Napoleon complex like my dachshunds! Me very big duck and it's MY POND!

    Yay Dukduck! You tell 'em!
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    I love it when the little guy wins!

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