And Now I Have Seen It All In The Realtion Ship Of Sexaul Atrractions


9 Years
May 14, 2010
THIS IS A TRUE FUNNY STOREY WHICH HAPPEND THE OTHER DAY WITH SOME OF MY TURKEYS I HAVE A Narragansett tom and 7 broad breasted hens and one broad breasted tom which is soon going to be dinner on Easter

any how one hen come out in to the yard and set down spread out her wings submitting her self to the Narragansett tom.
he come over climbed on top and started to full fill her need, and a few feet away one other hen dose the same the BB tom climbs on her.

the Narragansett tom see this and bolt over and kicks the BB tom off the hen and climbs on top of that hen.
the other hen he hadn't finished comes running up and start like strutting in front of him and cussing him out in turkey language.
the whole thing was comical she was mad as a wet hen.

I had never seen a hen get son upset and raise her voice like that before reminded me of how people act
yep, they can be funny.
I had a gorgeous rooster once who had taken up with my bossiest hen.
He was a big boy with long flowing neck and tail feathers.
One day he turned his affections toward another hen.
When the bossy girl saw what he was up to,
she ran up screeching, grabbed a beakful of his long flowing golden neck feathers,
and snatched him right off of that hen.
Then she chased him quite a distance away, cussing him the whole time.
I had a BO hen in a flock that included two roos. She would hunt down one or the other roo, multiple times a day, in some relatively secluded spot, and squat for him. She was the only hen who had ratty looking back feathers. I had a name for her.

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